Product Development

Research & Development

PlateletBio’s R&D pipeline focuses on developing novel and differentiated allogeneic cell products. The most advanced programs are immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) and impaired hemostatic conditions where the need for highly effective therapies is still largely unmet. The company’s expanding pipeline of engineered platelet-like cells (ePLCs) includes indications for autoimmune diseases, oncology, hematology and inflammation.




Stage of Development


Lead Optimization

IND Enabling


PLC expressing GPIIb/IIIa to bind and clear disease-specific autoantibodies



PLC with hemostatic activity for treatment of thrombocytopenia


Hepatic Cancer

ePLC co-expressing IL-12 & PD-1 for elimination of liver tumors


Liver Fibrosis

ePLC expressing HGF for treatment of liver fibrosis


*Funded by BARDA


Our proprietary biomimetic bioreactor produces platelet-like cells (PLCs) at scale. Under cGMP conditions, multiplexed bioreactors are easily stacked to produce large quantities of PLCs for clinical use. The same manufacturing platform is used for PlateletBio’s entire pipeline of products and is designed to easily scale to the specific requirements of each therapy.

PlateletBio has a well-established in-house cGMP manufacturing capability that provides quality oversight from materials acceptance through to product release.

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